Consumer reviews can be one of the largest impacts to your local business

When looking for a restaurant for a great night out, what is the first thing you do? You research it online.

And what is an integral part of making your decision? The opinion of others. People care that Jane M., 34 from Newtown Square, had an awful experience at a prospective restaurant, because they want to avoid the same thing happening to them.

That is why online reviews are such an important part of a digital presence for a small business in 2019. Consumers are constantly surveying sites like Yelp, Glassdoor, Trip Advisor, and even Facebook to find a product or service they can trust.

Consumer reviews can be one of the largest impacts to your local business
According to, businesses with positive reviews see an increase in sales of 18 percent, with consumers likely to spend 31 percent more. On the other hand, businesses with even one negative review cause 22 percent of consumers to stay away. Four or more negative comments and up to 70 percent of a business’s potential customers could be lost.

Is it better to have no reviews than negative ones?

No. The absence of any reviews can be just as harmful as having negative ones. Finding little to no information tells consumers that it is either a new business or one that is not even noteworthy. Even a few positive reviews can garner trust from those looking into a business.

How can you increase the number of positive business reviews?

Ask for them. The best time to ask for positive feedback is directly after a service is rendered and the customer is pleased with the transaction. You can ask in person, with email blasts or via a custom Thank You page on your website. An added incentive for some quick feedback doesn’t hurt, either.

The message is clear. Obtaining and managing positive reviews, as well as addressing the negative ones, is of the utmost importance to businesses, especially small ones. Consumers are savvier than ever, which means businesses need to be, too.

If you need help with growing positive online reviews or creating a consistent reputation management strategy for your business, contact the digital strategists at the Inquirer Solutions Group. Contact us today!

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